Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweet Ride: The Bicycle Art of Christopher Koelle

I have a pretty hard and fast policy on not doing commercial posts of any kind, but I also really like to promote the work of independent artists doing interesting work. I mentioned Kara Ginther's hand-carved Brooks saddles briefly in another post recently, so I wanted to give a little blog time to Christopher Koelle, too, especially since his work may be of particular interest to readers of this blog. From his Etsy profile:

My name is Christopher Koelle and I love drawing people with bicycles, especially from the early days of cycling.

The original Sweet Ride art zine sparked in me an ongoing fascination with the history of travel and roads, from the Good Roads Movement of Horatio Earle to the epic, sprawling interstate highways we love and hate today. Sweet Ride is now just the beginning of a progressively larger ongoing body of work about these histories.


  1. I got a copy of "Sweet Ride", last year. I love the old bikes, and any representation of the early riders and their clubs.

    I recommend the book to others who feel the same.

  2. promoting local peeps is good. It is a good constructive and honest way of building community. Im glad to see you being a tad flexible on this, Tom. It is my favorite aspect of blogging, meeting local artists, fellow bikers, neighbors - Plus great find!! :D

    cheers -m

  3. Very nice! I like the classic illustration style; I see it a lot in vintage how-to anatomy drawing books.

  4. it looks cool...
    I have wanted to try some illustrations

    but nothing as cool as that!

  5. Wheew!! I had never seen the spokes or wheels of such old bikes..Great post to say.. Nice labelling according to years you have..