Thursday, November 19, 2009

As the Sprocket Turns

One of the really wonderful things about writing this blog for the past two and a half years has been watching the different evolutions it has undergone. What started as an amateur's uncertain ramblings has become a genuinely collaborative endeavor, with readers posting questions in the comments, e-mailing me for information and advice, and sharing their own projects. I'm so glad that so many people have found this a useful and friendly place to visit on the Interwebs.

As you have probably noticed, postings here and at The World Awheel have slowed down in recent weeks. I have been devoting more time and energy to advancing my professional (that is, non-bicycle related) goals, and have consequently spent less time both in the garage working on bikes, and at the computer writing about them. This will be the situation for some time to come.

This, however, does not mean that either of my blogs will be shutting down. Rather, they will both be undergoing a bit of a shift in content and frequency of postings. I will also be instituting a fairly strict policy of not responding to technical questions or age/value/identification questions by e-mail. As much as I enjoy offering my advice and opinions and hunting about the Interwebs for useful facts to share with people, I just can't take the time to respond to all of them any longer. I will still welcome Reader Projects submissions, however, and updates from those of you with ongoing projects.

So, I'll keep posting if you keep reading, and I'll look forward to whatever new directions the blog ends up taking (it has always had a bit of a life of its own).


  1. I would think that having a popular blog that shows up quite high in Google searches has its risk. I'm thinking, in particular, that the blogger might be viewed by some as a free information and research source. As the eyeball count goes up, so might the volume of requests. Your 'revised' ground rules seem quite reasonable. Come to think of it, requests for dating an old bike or opining about value and the like are probably best directed to a message board venue. Good luck in all of your career/professional efforts, Thom!

  2. Sometimes "real life" takes precedence over "bike life". I think your readers will understand and await eagerly - but patiently - your future entries.

  3. just happened on your blog..great,have a few old bikes and some no-one seems to know anything about,one a trusty childs bike,told around 50 years old...
    look forward to looking through old posts while on hols,thanks..